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Our flexible

Pre-Pay Contract

It is common to believe that cyber security is expensive, or impacts productivity.  Demand is also rapidly increasing, for qualified and experienced cyber security professionals making it harder to find and bring the right talent in-house.

After decades of experience in the IT Security and Managed IT services industries, our Pre-Pay contract provides businesses with the flexibility and assistance they need to become resilient to even the most determined attackers.

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Onboarding includes a Core Cyber Review of your organisation, allowing us to understand the immediate cyber risks and what makes your company tick. We capture assets, technologies in use, vulnerabilities and more.

All the information is collected and presented in the form of a bespoke report which includes our security positioning model and an immediate to medium-term strategic road map.

Cyber Review: CoreCyber Review: Core

Use Case

Here’s an example of how a customer uses our pre-pay contract

Industry: Legal

  • A consultant attends monthly board meetings in a vCISO capacity to provide risk analysis on upcoming projects
  • Acquire and analyse digital evidence in a litigation case
  • Act as an expert witness following the analysis of evidence
  • Certify the company in the annual Cyber Essentials Plus audit
  • Rapidly respond to a Microsoft 365 targeted account breach
  • Implement and perform change control on the perimeter firewall
  • Review the cyber security position of a soon-to-be-acquired competitor
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Benefits of our Pre-Pay Contract

Rapid Incident Response

Benefit from rapid response to any cyber incident as you are already onboarded. We know what technologies you use and what is needed to resolve incidents effectively.

Faster Access to Consultants

After onboarding, we understand how your company operates, allowing us to focus on the task at hand.

Client Portal

All customers receive access to the Client Portal providing project updates, Ticket Management, and billing. You can also request services and access asset information for any devices we look after for you.

Cyber Review: Core

Our onboarding review captures the information needed to understand your organisation and provides instant guidance on tackling the gaps in your defences.

25% Saving

By removing the overheads of the sales and proposal process, we pass the savings directly on to your company.

Access to All Consulting Services

You have access to all of our professional cyber consultancy & intelligence services when you need them.

No Time Limit

There is no expiration on your balance. Use CSIQ as you need, whether an annual penetration test or HR risk analysis of new employees.

Consultancy & IT Engineering

We not only find your risks but have the engineering resources and expertise to fix them.

Journey to Flexible Consultancy & Support

Non-Disclosure Agreements
Information Discovery
Onboarding Assessments
Present Findings
Feedback & Evaluation

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