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Improve your company’s cyber with our independent Cyber strategy services.

We will understand what’s important to your business and deliver a priority-based cyber strategy accompanied by milestones and budget projection to suit your needs.

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Why have Cyber Strategy Consulting?

It’s difficult to find a security expert with the knowledge and leadership needed to create and implement an effective security plan for your company. However, we can fill that gap with our experienced and qualified cyber security consultants.

With our Cyber strategy consulting, we will provide an independent and practical approach to help you implement a security strategy that fits your business’s unique needs. In addition, we will make recommendations based on your existing technology to ensure you get the best and most affordable cyber security plan possible.

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Who is it for?

If your business is finding it difficult to source the right security professionals to implement the next stage of your cyber strategy, or you’re not sure where to make your next investment in cyber security, then we can help. Our expert advice will provide insight into the latest controls and processes to help your business compete and stay secure.

We believe that cyber security controls don’t need to be costly, so our risk-based approach will provide a strategic roadmap for any size of business that further secures and protects your most valued assets.

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By working with CSIQ, you will have access to a dedicated Cyber Consultant who will act as an extension to your organisation and be a virtual chief information security officer. Your dedicated vCISO can attend management meetings and provide guidance to project managers to ensure that the context of security is always considered, not leaving the company exposed to unnecessary risk.

Benefits of a Cyber Strategy Consulting

Protects networks and data from unauthorised access

Improves information security and business continuity management

Improves stakeholder confidence in your information security arrangements

Improves company credentials with the correct security controls in place

Gives you access to security experts when you need them

Have further questions about Cyber strategy plans? Contact us here.

Our Unique Approach: Bringing Enterprise-Grade Cyber Solutions to SMEs

At CSIQ, we specialise in cyber consultancy and engineering uniquely tailored for SMEs in the United Kingdom. We dismantle the complexities of cyber operations, empowering your business with top-tier security solutions and enabling success without barriers.

Adversarial Mindset: Understanding the Attacker for Stronger Defence

Our extensive experience in pen testing, red teaming, and ethical hacking across the UK equips us with a profound understanding of adversarial tactics. We provide you with unparalleled insights and strategies to fortify your defences against the most cunning cyber threats.


Strategic Cyber Partnership

We go beyond typical security services by immersing ourselves in your business challenges. Our approach, shaped by diverse industry experiences, delivers practical, actionable guidance, enhancing your network security and easing the management load.

Exceptional Quality: Your Priority, Our Commitment

Our commitment to exceptional support is unwavering. With a responsive and approachable team, we assure hands-on assistance, ensuring your cyber security needs are met with utmost dedication and quality.


Technology Agnostic: Custom Solutions for Every Client

We understand that every client is unique. Our technology-agnostic approach ensures selecting and managing the right technologies, integrating them seamlessly into a unified platform for optimal effectiveness.

Results-Driven Projects: Dedicated and Timely Delivery

Your priorities drive our projects. Each initiative is managed with focused attention and commitment, led by a dedicated project manager and technical lead. Our promise is timely delivery with consistent quality, ensuring your projects meet their objectives every time.


Flexible Pre-Pay Contract

With our Pre-Pay Contract, you can save 25% and receive rapid Incident Response

Journey to an Effective Cyber Strategy

Non-Disclosure Agreements
Risk Profile and Cyber Maturity Assessment
Gap Analysis
Present Findings
Define Strategic Plan
Feedback & evaluation

Journey to an Effective Cyber Strategy





Initial Threat
Intelligence Investigation


Feedback &

Cyber Consulting


To learn more about the range of cyber consulting services we can help your business with, visit our cyber consulting page. 

Or get in touch to discover all of our available services.

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Our Accreditations & Memberships

We are proud of our industry recognised certifications in Cyber Security and Service Delivery

CSIQ NCSC Assured Service Provider Cyber Advisor
Cyber Essentials Plus Certification Body
IASME Governance Certification Body
CSIQ IASME Cyber Baseline Certification Body
ISACA Professional Members
Ecologi - Climate Positive Workforce


What is Cyber Strategy?

A cyber strategy consists of high-level plans for how an organisation will secure its assets and reduce cyber risk. Like the cyber security policy, the cyber strategy should be a dynamic, breathing document responsive to the current threat landscape and ever-changing business climate. Cybersecurity strategies are often designed with a three-to-five-year vision, but they should be updated and evaluated regularly.

Your cyber strategy is a template for your organisation’s key stakeholders as the business environment evolves.

How often should we review our Cyber Strategy?

Business of all sizes should review their cyber strategy on at least an annual basis. Companies that operate in the higher-risk industries such as legal, financial, and defence should update their strategic plans more frequently.

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