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Company Policies

Our Information Security, Quality, and Environmental Management systems are managed and maintained within our unified, integrated management system (IMS). All context, risks, risk treatment, objectives, and improvement opportunities are monitored to ensure that the management team has clear visibility and provides maximum benefit to the company.

Information Security Policy

CSIQ Limited’s policy is to continuously exercise reasonable care and diligence to protect information systems against leakage, unauthorised access, use, disclosure, destruction, alteration, or disruption.

This policy will protect the company’s reputation with our clients by ensuring that all employees understand confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

By educating and training its employees, the leadership team ensures the integrity of its IT systems and customers, understanding that each employee understands what is expected.

Every employee is responsible for upholding this integrity. All employees must report security concerns or issues to the chief information security officer.

The leadership team will meet all commercial, legal, and regulatory requirements and contractual security commitments.

This is accomplished in part through continuous vulnerability management. Assets will be monitored for outdated software, and systems will be immediately updated if deemed obsolete or outdated.

Following the ISO 27001:2022 Standard, the company has a continuous improvement policy.

The Integrated Management System (Security) will be monitored regularly under the ultimate responsibility of the chief information security officer, with regular reporting of the status and effectiveness at all levels.

Quality Policy

CSIQ Limited’s ongoing policy is to provide a competent and efficient service that meets all of our clients’ agreed-upon needs. This accomplishment will result in increased efficiency and long-term profitability.

The Executive Leadership is in charge of establishing, managing, and implementing the system for controlling the operations for which they are responsible.

We commit to ensuring that quality is the goal of all company employees through education, practical example, and training. Each employee understands the importance of the Quality System function and its direct relevance to the company’s performance.

Similarly, each employee is accountable for and will be trained to perform the duties assigned to their unique function. Furthermore, the company shall guarantee that subcontractors hired for a specific assignment meet the standards and accept responsibility for their performance.

CSIQ Limited has a culture and policy of continuous improvement and establishing quality objectives according to the framework outlined in the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The Quality System shall be monitored regularly under the ultimate responsibility of the Executive Leadership, with regular reporting on the status and effectiveness at all levels.

Environmental Policy

CSIQ Limited recognises that a healthy environment is fundamental to the prosperity and wellbeing of our local community. CSIQ acknowledges that whilst our activities may adversely affect the environment, we can take steps to minimise those impacts.

The company values the environment and will follow and, when feasible, surpass all applicable environmental regulations, laws, and standards of practice.

CSIQ will positively contribute to environmental growth by protecting and enhancing the local and global environment.

CSIQ promotes positive changes to staff. CSIQ also provides a £300 annual stipend to implement positive environmental changes around the home.

We are also committed to responsible water management and conservation throughout its operations.

CSIQ Limited has a culture and policy of continuous improvement and establishing environmental objectives according to the framework outlined in the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

The Environmental Management Systems will be routinely monitored under the Executive Leadership’s ultimate responsibility. Regular reports will be made available on the status and effectiveness of the system to all levels within the business.