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Working with

Managed Service Providers

Hiring experienced and qualified Cyber Security Professionals is complex while keeping their skills relevant is expensive and time-consuming.

You need a trusted and certified partner to help you secure and reassure your customers by providing independent validation of your security controls and certification for government schemes such as Cyber Essentials.

CSIQ provides MSPs access to qualified penetration testing, incident response and forensics professionals with our no-brainer reseller agreement.

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Our Accreditations & Memberships

Certified and accredited to industry-leading standards in Cyber Security and Service Delivery

Cyber Essentials Plus Certification Body
IASME Governance Certification Body
ISACA Professional Members
Ecologi - Climate Positive Workforce

Cyber Essentials

By using CSIQ when your customers need to meet Cyber Essentials Self-Assessed or Plus, you benefit from a constructive approach while ensuring that your customers meet certification the first time.

We will provide recommendations on how to meet certification quickly for any gaps identified.

By working with CSIQ, you will learn how to position your services to ensure that all your customers can meet Cyber Essentials.

Cyber EssentialsCyber Essentials

Why work with CSIQ

Here are some advantages MSPs gain from working with CSIQ.

  • Certify the MSP in the annual Cyber Essentials Self-Assessment or Plus audit (at the reseller rate)
  • Certify The MSPs customers in their annual Cyber Essentials Self Assessment or Plus Audits.
  • Provide independent and innovative Cyber Consulting services to your customers.
  • Complete confidentiality with our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.
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Benefits of our Reseller Agreement

Fast Access to Consultants

After onboarding, we understand how you support your customers, allowing us to provide the support you need.

Incident Response Triage

Incident Response Management or a second pair of eyes from an experienced team of Cyber Incident Responders.

Risk Management Portal

A single-pane-of-glass view of all cyber risks identified for your customers and a collaborative approach to remediation.

No Upfront Commitment

No upfront financial commitment—30-day payment terms for all consultancy work after a customer order.

Financially Rewarding

The MSP receives 25% of all consultancy work for the life of the reseller agreement.

All Consulting Services

Get access to all our consultancy and specialist services for the MSP or your customers.


We will refer local customers that approach us looking for IT support.

White Label

Use CSIQ as an extension to your team or as an independent consultancy.

** CREST Certified attestation statements and Cyber Essentials certifications will show CSIQ.

CSIQ Insight: Risk Management Portal

All consultancy and managed services include access to our Risk Management Portal.

A Single Pane of Glass

All risk types, including technical, human, residual and inherent, are allocated a score, allowing for a strategic approach to risk reduction.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports from our managed services detailing individual risk scores, a summary of events, detailed vulnerabilities, and security recommendations are all available from the platform.

Visual Attack Path

Multiple vulnerabilities are typically exploited to reach a target. Our platform visualises the attack path taken by your consultant to achieve the objective.

Trend Analysis

Track your exposure over time to ensure that your IT teams are tackling the vulnerabilities identified.

If you have our pre-pay contract, simply send us a message through the platform to assist with the remediation.

Journey to Customer Cyber Resilience

Non-Disclosure Agreements
Information Discovery
Scoping Documentation
Customer Project
Present Findings
Feedback & Evaluation

What happens if the customer contacts you for services directly?

For any of the MSPs customers we have completed work for, and within the life of the reseller agreement, we will refer the customer back to the MSP.

Do I get a referral reward for Cyber Essentials Certification?

Self Assessed

The value we provide to MSPs is that we will work with you to ensure your customers pass the first time.


Yes. Minus the cost of the certificate.


Call us to discuss.

Can we resell your Managed Cyber Security Services?

Of course, however, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is the reseller agreement minimum term?

12 months, unless mutually cancelled or agreed otherwise. Extended minimum periods can be discussed with your account manager.

What is the lead time for quotes?

Typically within 48 hours. Bespoke quotes may require longer.

What happens if the customer contacts you directly for a service that we don't provide?

For the life of the reseller agreement, if the customer directly contacts CSIQ for a service that the MSP does not offer, we will refer them to the MSP.

The MSP is free to discuss with CSIQ and use our services while benefiting from the reseller financial rewards.

How do i get a quote to provide a customer?

You can contact us directly or use the quote request tool on our website.

You will receive a proposal and price based on the particulars. You are free to use our narrative or create your own.

Will you contact our customers after the engagement to sell services?

Absolutely not. We maintain a strict mutual confidentiality agreement. We will not market to customers of the MSP after completing work within the life of the reseller agreement.

Will you white label reports?

We can provide reporting in a non-branded format. Alternatively, you can send us your report templates for bespoke reporting.

Will you help with the sales process?

Our proposals should contain all the information you need.

We can work with you and the customer on larger engagements to scope and position our bespoke and unique services, such as Adversary Emulation, Forensics, and Cyber Investigations.


Want to learn more about

our services?

Check out our Attack Surface, Active Directory/Azure, and Remote Desktop/Citrix reviews for immediate ways to identify risks and help protect your customers.

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